Client reviews

“When I was 7 I suddenly starting getting really scared and anxious about everything. I couldn’t go to school or let the rest of my family go anywhere without having a meltdown. It just kept getting worse. Mum took me to see Megan and she showed me how to feel safe again. We saw her 12 times and each time I looked forward to going more than the time before. Especially the big hug at the end! Megan made my anxiety go away and showed me how to stop it coming back. I now love helping other people at my school who are struggling, because I know how they feel and can teach them Megan’s secret tricks too. If you get scared about stuff that shouldn’t be scary, please go and see Megan. She’s my friend now.”

Martha, 9 

“I met Megan as she is a therapist at my school. I came to her as I was struggling with restricting what I was eating and as a result had gotten to a low weight. Megan’s help has been, and continues to be, invaluable in helping me overcome these issues. One of the things I find helpful is that Megan encouraged me to keep a food log, and with this we go over what I have struggled with in the week and set new food goals accordingly. Megan has helped me to realise the damaging effects these behaviours have on my body and has helped me to change the way I view food. Not only has she helped with my eating issues, but she has also helped me to address my low mood and gives me guidance on how to vent my feelings healthily.”

Sophie, 17

“I have suffered with having an eating disorder for over 10 years now. I have experienced inpatient care, day patient care and outpatient care and was never able to get better. I struggled with binging and purging, severe restricting and compulsions to exercise to an extreme level. I had lost a lot of hope, and silently admitted to myself that I would never get better - that having an eating disorder would be my life. However I desperately wanted to get better, it was just that every time I tried the task seemed too difficult. In July 2020 I reached out to Megan, having seen many other therapists, councillors, hypnotherapists, doctors etc. and explained that I wanted to get better, but specifically I wanted to get significantly better before I started my PhD in October. It was quite a big task as I was very entrenched in my eating disorder and I had quite a bit of weight to gain but Megan was supportive and encouraging the whole time. She allowed me to develop my own meal plans tailored around the fact that I am a Vegan, and also have autism so appreciate routine and familiarity in meals as well as having problems with textures of some foods. She was never imposing, and always allowed the decision to be mine but would offer useful advice whenever she thought I was making a potentially bad choice. The weight gain was also in my control- she knew I had a goal and offered guidance of how to get there without insisting I gain weight or how to gain weight. She also helped me with reducing purging and stopping binging- something I never thought possible. We developed coping strategies that were specific to me and I reduced my purging from three times plus a day to less than once a week. As I slowly got better physically she helped me deal with the way my body changed (any change being difficult for me) and encouraged me to recognise and talk about my feelings. We also addressed a few other emotional problems that fed into my eating disorder, including some of the trauma I had experienced whilst severely unwell and in hospital. I reached my goal by mid October and have been maintaining a health weight since. I regularly met with Megan to discuss my weekly progress and any successes or setbacks that I experienced. Whenever faced with a problem we would discuss it and Megan would help me to find the solution. I sincerely recommend Megan- not because she gave me all he answers of how to get better but because she helped me find the answers myself. My life is so much better now that I have more freedom from my eating disorder. I wouldn’t say I am fully better yet, I still have setbacks and I still struggle every now and then, but I am much happier and healthier than I have ever been since 6 years old.”

Georgia, 23

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