Meet Jess, my Supervisor

To ensure that I’m working ethically and to allow opportunity to discuss my work with another counsellor, I pay a clinical supervisor to support me with my client work. Supervision is on a monthly basis and Jess and I work closely together to ensure I am meeting client needs. Supervision will be focused on addressing risk such as self harm, suicidal ideation and physical health risks. It also gives opportunity to reflect on the quality of the therapeutic relationship. We will be regularly exploring and discussing how to move you or your child forward in therapy, in a confidential and sensitive manner. 

Jess wrote this on my Linkedin page:

“Megan is an extremely proficient therapist who is highly skilled in so many areas. She cares deeply for those who she works alongside and is always focused on supporting them to reach their full potential. Megan works ethically and mindfully and is able to share her views in a confident and articulate way. Megan is a very positive, and enthusiastic person and she brings such a great energy to her work. I would highly recommend her as a therapist as she is safe and confident to work with”

Jess Griffiths, Aug 18 2020

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